Effexor XR Venlafaxine Hydrochloride ER and/or alternatives

of Effexor XR

Effexor XR (extended release) is an antidepressant. The generic name of this drug is Venlafaxine. You can buy Effexor XR in form of oral capsules which come in the following three strengths: Effexor XR 37.5 mg, 75 mg, and 150 mg. The inactive ingredients present in this drug are: ethylcellulose, titanium dioxide cellulose, iron oxide, hypromellose and gelatin.

Indications & Dosage of Effexor XR

Effexor XR is indicated for the treatment of recurrent depressive disorder, panic disorder, and anxiety. This drug may be used alone or in combination with other drugs.

The recommended starting dosage for most patients with recurrent depressive disorder (also called major depressive disorder or MDD) is a single dose of 75mg per day. Some patients may be asked to take a lower dose of 37.5 mg per day for the first 4-7 days. Depending on a patient’s response to the drug, the dosage may be gradually increased if required.

The recommended starting dosage for most patients with generalized anxiety disorder is Effexor XR 75 mg per day, given as one dose. A lower starting dosage of 37.5 mg per day for 4-7 days may be recommended for some patients. If required, it may be gradually increased after completion of the initial treatment period.

The recommended dosage for patients with panic disorder is Effexor XR 37.5 mg per day, given as a single dose. If required, it may be gradually increased after completion of the initial treatment period.

If you are using Effexor XR, ensure that you follow the below-mentioned guidelines unless otherwise recommended by your doctor.

  • Take the daily dose as a single dose. For instance, if your daily dosage is 75 mg, take all of it at one time.
  • Take your dose at the same time each day, either in the evening or morning
  • Take your dosage with food
  • Take the Effexor XR capsule whole with water or other fluids. Do not chew, crush, or divide the oral tablets.

Side Effects & Interactions of Effexor XR

Effexor XR may cause some serious side effects. Consult your doctor if you experience any of the following:

  • Hallucinations, vomiting, nausea, fever, overactive reflexes, diarrhea, fast heart rate, agitation
  • Seizures
  • Easy bruising
  • Trouble breathing, cough, chest tightness
  • Severe stiffness in the muscles, uneven heartbeat, confusion, tremors, sweating, high fever
  • Trouble concentrating, headache, memory problems, confusion, weakness, shallow breathing, feeling unsteady, hallucinations

Less severe side effects of Effexor XR may include:

  • Increased sweating
  • Dry mouth
  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness, nervousness, drowsiness
  • Constipation
  • Weight changes

Do not take Effexor XR if you have used an MAO inhibitor (such as phenelzine, tranylcypromine, selegiline, and others) in the last 2 weeks (14 days). Before you buy Effexor XR online, tell your doctor if you are taking any other drugs.

Warnings & Precautions of Effexor XR

Effexor XR is contraindicated in patients who are hypersensitive to Venlafaxine or who have used an MAO inhibitor in the last 2 weeks.

Extra caution must be taken when administering this drug to young adults, adolescents, and children. Such patients are at increased risk of developing suicidal tendencies due to Effexor XR.

Effexor XR may harm the unborn child if the drug is taken by the mother during pregnancy, especially during the last trimester. Pregnant women should buy Effexor XR only after consulting their doctor.

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